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Function of mirror driver
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Memory storage mirror

The mirror adjustment design of this kind of rearview mirror forms an adjustment system with the driver's seat, steering wheel and endoscope. Each driver can adjust the best viewing angle of the rearview mirror, the best comfort of the seat and steering wheel according to his personal height and driving habits, and then remember and store them. When someone else drives the car or is adjusted by others, you can easily turn on your memory storage, and all internal facilities can be restored to the best set state.

Heated electric rearview mirror

When the driver is driving in foggy or rainy days, the fog, frost or rain on the rearview mirror mirror caused by fog will make the driver's vision at the opposite side and rear unclear and affect the driving safety. The driver needs to extend his hand out of the window to clean the mirror surface, which is extremely inconvenient and a temporary measure. Fog and rain will immediately make it blurred. Therefore, in order to complete the function, For the safety of driving and the convenience of operation, the heating defrosting device is designed, such as the electric heating defrosting lens. When the above situation occurs, the driver can easily turn on the heating defrosting button to relieve unnecessary worries.

Mirror driver

Folding electric exterior rearview mirror

When a car enters a small area, such as an alley or a parking lot, since the mirror frame of the rear-view mirror is the widest part of the car body, in order to prevent scratches and reduce the parking space, and ensure the safety of the rear view and minimize the damage, it is necessary to fold the mirror frame. The usual method is to stretch out the window by hand or fold the mirror frame outside the car, which is very inconvenient when driving. Therefore, the electric folding function is designed on the folding, The driver can adjust conveniently in the car, which solves many inconveniences in operation. The design of folding mechanism should not only ensure the buffer and reduce the parking space, but also ensure the normal use of rear view function.

Rearview mirror with wiper and washer

The car works under various climatic conditions. In order to clearly observe the external conditions of the car under various conditions, wipers and washers are added on the external rearview mirror, which can easily wipe off the rain, snow, mud and dust on the external rearview mirror.

Rearview mirror for ranging and altimetry

Through this special rear-view mirror, the driver can see the distance of the following vehicle and estimate the speed to ensure the safe driving of the vehicle.

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