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Advantages of mirror driver
2022-03-31 19:33:56   number of previews:0

What are the advantages of mirror driver? The rearview mirror helps the driver to observe the situation behind and on both sides of the vehicle. It plays a very important role in driving and parking safely. The position of the rear-view mirror is directly related to whether the driver can observe the situation behind the vehicle, and it is difficult for the driver to adjust its position, especially the rear-view mirror on the side of the front passenger door. Therefore, the rearview mirrors of modern cars are changed to electric ones, which are operated by the electrical control system, that is, electric exterior rearview mirrors.

As a kind of automobile rearview mirror, electric rearview mirror has very significant advantages. First, the driver can adjust the angle of electric rearview mirror through buttons in the car to obtain a good rear view; Second, when the driver adjusts the right exterior electric rearview mirror, it is no longer difficult to operate due to the long distance; Third, when reversing, the driver turns the electric rearview mirror down through the adjustment function (the electric rearview mirror will automatically return to its position in forward gear), which is convenient to observe the distance between the vehicle and the roadside and avoid scratching; Fourth, the electric rearview mirror of modern cars is telescopic and has the function of position memory.

Mirror driver

There are two sets of motors and drivers (reduction gear and clutch) behind the broadcast rearview mirror, which can control its up and down, left and right movement. Generally, the vertical movement is controlled by one motor, and the horizontal tilt movement is controlled by another motor. All motors are permanent magnet type. The driver manipulates the button switch in the compartment, controls the rotating parts with the electrical device through the adjustment button, and then adjusts the direction of the exterior rearview mirror to achieve the required viewing angle. The adjustment angle of the exterior rearview mirror of the system can reach 30 ° in the up, down, left and right directions, which is convenient and comfortable to operate, but the structure is complex and the price is high.

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