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What is the manufacturer of the air-conditioning Damper actuator?
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What is the manufacturer of the air-conditioning Damper actuator? The automobile air-conditioning device is used to regulate and control the temperature, humidity, air cleanliness and air flow in the automobile, so as to make the automobile in the best condition, provide a comfortable ride environment for passengers and reduce travel fatigue. Ventilation equipment that creates good working conditions for drivers plays an important role in ensuring safe driving. Generally include refrigeration equipment, heating equipment and ventilation equipment. The combined device makes full use of the limited space inside the automobile, is simple in structure and convenient in operation, and is a popular modern automobile air conditioning system in the world. AIR CONDITIONING TYPE 1, according to the driving mode: Independent (special engine driving compressor, refrigeration capacity, good stability, but high cost, volume and weight, mainly for large and medium-sized buses) and non-independent (air conditioning compressor driven by car engine, refrigeration performance driven by engine, poor stability, mainly for small buses and cars) .According to the performance of air conditioning can be divided into: single-function type (refrigeration, heating, ventilation system installed separately, separate operation, mutual non-interference, mainly used for large buses and trucks) and cold and warm type (refrigeration, heating, ventilation fan and air duct shared on the same control board for control, the work can be divided into cold and warm air separate operation of the combined type and cold and warm air at the same time mixed type temperature regulation. Bus multi-purpose hybrid temperature control). 3, according to the control mode is divided into: Manual type (the function keys on the control board control temperature, wind speed, wind direction) and electric control pneumatic regulation (the use of vacuum control mechanism, in the selection of air conditioning function keys, can automatically control temperature and air volume at predetermined temperature) . Figure 4. According to the regulation mode, it can be divided into: full automatic regulation (automatic regulation of temperature and air volume by calculation and comparison circuit, automatic regulation of temperature and air volume by sensor signal and pre-regulation signal) and full automatic regulation by microcomputer (taking microcomputer as the control center to realize the best control and regulation of all-round and multi-function of the air environment inside the vehicle) .

Air Door actuator for automotive air conditioning

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